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Tanup’s fifty 160 watt low intensity bulbs & Beamup’s fifty-two 200 watt high intensity bulbs each have a coated background which reflects the light causing the lamps to be tanning your body and not a reflective surface behind the bulb. This produces a dry heat, tanning you faster. It only takes one minute to burn in a standup unit so we work together when we add minutes to your time to avoid that burn which slows down tan progress. If it's in your mind "oh, I'm burning”, then you've burnt! You will burn all through that night and into the next morning before you start cooling off. Average tan frequency is every three or four days. We adjust the maximum booth exposure time by skin type and recent exposures and start off with shorter session times to build up to the booth maximum. Average exposure time is 5 minutes, every other day to build a tan to brown.

Our attendant will be required to know your skin type, previous tanning history and current skin color (show her something white – be polite), so she can assess your time if you are a new visitor before you tan in our booths.


tanup booth

Our Low Pressure “Tanup” booth tans clients in 1/2 the time of a laydown unit, with a 10 Minute maximum session.

Laydown unit surfaces are porous and expand with heat and contract when they cool down, allowing you to come in contact with multiple client germs, bacteria and lotions trapped in the pores - no matter how well attendants clean it.

In fact, you'll notice an "after tan odor" created by the release of trapped residue after 7-10 minutes of exposure time in a laydown unit cooking right into your skin from your contact sweat.

With our odorless, touchless Total Ten Minute Standup Tanning system, the only smell is the rich moisturizers on your skin.

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