Tell Us Your Story

Please share your tanning story with us ... whether you have been on the sales end or just a customer.

Example: why do you think people turn orange, how frequently you think it’s safe to be tanning indoors, about getting tingler on your skin after using a laydown style bed and burning for hours afterward.

If you or someone you know had surgery or cancers after using indoor tanning equipment and what frequency and lotion was used or just moisturizers and what the results were for you; if you tanned outdoors as well, if you tan or burn easily, use sunscreen all the time, have ever had cancer and how you got it and got rid of it.

Tell us why you come or bring your children to an indoor tanning facility, whether you are going south on a vacation or just need to get rid of the seasonal disorder blues or maybe a special occasion or you just want to warm yourself up.

Tell us how tanning has affected your body, your acne, joints, lifestyle or your work is affected by UV rays such as a being an electrician or a welder’s flash or burn, office workers lack of Vitamin D, etc. Did a dermatologist or family doctor suggest you get some exposures from indoor tanning devices for your skin or health benefit?

Your anonymous feedback will be sent to various government and official businesses in statistic form only (names are not used) concerning regulating indoor tanning and will reflect current practices and beliefs in the tanning industry today which will eventually affect how the industry could be run, tomorrow. Your response is greatly appreciated.