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Box 1014, 5217 55 Street, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P3, CA

(780) 594 5516

Home of the Ten Minute Tan
Standup Tanning & Waxing in Cold Lake

No Bronzers or Lotions Required! All moisturizer tanning salon for real pigment results.

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As a moisturizer only tanning salon, we won't sell you dyes to use in our UV lamp machines (as following manufacturers instructions: putting cosmetic dyes on before exposing yourself to a UV lamp whole body tanning session could cause cancers or health problems just like facial cover makeup did before they put spf in it). 

Less time in the machines is more healthy than longer exposures to your skin with the same results = pigment made by you to protect you from burning in the real sun. 

Real vitamin D2 produced by your own body for your own health and well being instantly!

Over ten years full body waxing ensuring you have a more comfortable experience!

Full Body Waxing

Over ten years in the full body waxing business, ensuring you have a more comfortable hair removal experience! 

Numerology & Tarot Readings

Not sure what to do next? Consult an experienced reader when deciding your career path, future and relationships. $25

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Tanup Salon

Box 1014, 5217 55 Street, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P3, CA

780 594 5516


For several years there has been an under 18 tan ban in place in the province of Alberta. 

We sincerely thank you for not bringing your kids with you to our salon for your enjoyment as well as others using our services. 

We are an over 18 salon. ID Required

No minors, please.